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Milab Online Integration

Results from these analysers will now automatically be uploaded to the Milab Online web site for viewing side by side with the results sent up from the Lab. Once the results are uploaded, the animal in question, used for lab tests, can be allocated to the in house result using the online system. This will then automatically compare results side by side and in graphical format.

Coming Soon

We have many features arriving shortly on the site, which will aid the use, and functionality of the in house analysers, in an attempt to perform an even more seamless integration between practice and laboratory. The most significant of these being:

  • The Ability to create tests online and download them onto the In House tablet.
  • A full online ordering system for In House consumables.
  • Full account management.
  • Returns.
  • Servicing.

Contact Milab

If you would like further information please contact our Sales Team on:

01379 855 595